After vacation

My sister was visiting me last week so I took a break from posting.
I really loved the break and the chance to play in Portland and Corvallis! Yesterday I spent 90% of my time on the couch...watching cheesy tv and working on my collages while sipping eggnog.
I'm not sure if I will paint the rest of the skirt yellow or leave it as is.
I love how calm and graceful this woman looks.
I love this couple...the woman's glasses are amazing and the man's face is so round and full.
I bet these men were attending a company potluck. It seems the one on the left is a little more relaxed...he took off his jacket.
This man looks so serious but I expect he can also be and have a lot of fun. I bet he knows at least one really great joke and is good at swing dancing.
I think the gloves this man is wearing make him look almost sinister. I can't figure out what he's holding...maybe a camera or his wife's makeup case.
I like the simplicity of this collage. I was not sure how yellow would show up against the red but I think it looks nice.
In my mind this chubby little boy grew up to be a sleek fashion designer!


  1. I like your use of images & colour - fun to see the weave!
    I am also in Oregon - just getting into Soul Collage & the book came today!! (along with Soul Coaching, & Eckhart tolle's New Earth for a book group) whee!

  2. oo, these are great! i love th sense of fun and the great colors.


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