Things I like on Tuesday

pictures from this morning, including part of my wall of inspiration

** hearing the day's mail get delivered earlier than usual
** going through my dresser and closet....letting go of the need to hold on to clothes that don't really fit or suit me
** opening the windows to let warm, Fall air in
** keeping a close eye on the litterbox while my housemate is on vacation...if I clean it frequently throughout the day it will not become a hideous chore
** giving the cats tuna as a special treat
** going through the latest issue of Vogue and cutting out colors and designs that I find beautiful
** taking a break from TV
** looking at Kiss the Paper
** rearranging/organizing things in the house while my housemates are gone
** the amount of foot traffic on my makes me feel safe to know so many neighbors are out and about
** reading a beautiful love note
** removing my peeling fingernail polish
** bringing the big quilt out of storage in recognition of chilly nights
** wondering what kind of art project I could create with direct mail campaign ads
** realizing I made a miscalculation on my budget and adjusting my spending choices appropriately

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