Sarah tagged me to share 7 random things about myself. I have been thinking about it for a couple days...here's what I came up with:

1. I often judge books by their font...when looking for fiction books at the library I open them and glance at the font and the thickness of the pages...if the font is ugly or too big I immediately return them to the shelf. I have probably missed out on some good stories due to this policy.

2. My favorite movies are the Godfather trilogy. I never tire of these movies and make judgments about people in my life based on their like or dislike of them. Shhhhh! (I am watching III as I write this!)

3. I do not read blogs with dark backgrounds.

4. I am not fond of driving. I have owned three cars in the 18 years since I got my license, and have happily been without a car for the past 16 months. I would like to live in a car-free city.

5. Sometimes I drink instant coffee. I don't always feel like brewing a full pot of coffee and sometimes the weaker taste of instant suits me. I have always smirked at people who buy Folgers or Yuban...and now I'm one of them!

6. I want to learn to belly dance. I signed up for a class a few years ago and actually went to one session but felt I was out of my element and uncoordinated and made excuses to miss the remainder of the sessions. I already know where I would like to take classes!

7. I love to go out for breakfast. I love ordering coffee and getting my cup refilled numerous times, I love ordering eggs and bacon and something sweet. I like to eat in cafes and am happy to eat alone but I love having my sister join me.

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