According to blogger this is my 600th post! I am happy that I have kept this online journal and grateful that it is a free way of expressing (a little bit of) myself.

Currently I am ~
* waiting impatiently for the weather to turn (and stay) cooler so I can wear the cute jackets I have been buying all year
* knowing I need a haircut but putting off making an appointment with a stylist
* unwilling to click on links that contain "myspace"
* feeling an urge to eat something sweet...every night
* searching for tickets to fly to Iowa in November
* noticing my sensitivity to sounds and trying to dislike the sound not the creator of the sound when I hear something horrid (yappy dogs are an exception)
* only sleeping on my left side
* looking forward to the arrival of two baby family members in November
* wanting to get an acupuncture treatment

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