I remain...

1. Rock Inspection, 2. at your feet, 3. A Real Barn Hat, 4. Traditional Irish Red Doorway, 5. Red London Phone Boxes, 6. Red Building, 7. Roses Are Red..., 8. red 46 ford custom, 9. Red Hat Society, 10. red hot enzo, 11. Red door, St Nicholas Church, 12. Red-y Set..., 13. Red shoes, 14. Red Hair and Freckles, 15. Red Head & seveRed Head, 16. Red pumps, 17. Red and White, 18. Red staircase 1, 19. red mustang, 20. Reds

** going into Portland this afternoon
** amazed I got up and out of the house by 6:10a this morning
** loving the overcast, windy weather we have
** loving the idea of a right brain business plan
** wishing I had some red fingernail polish
** hoping my sister makes a lot of money at her garage sale this weekend
** delighted I'm remembering my dreams when I wake up

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