Seen on Sunday

** 2 girls out raising money for a retreat they want to attend next month
** Sarah swinging in her backyard; listening the cackling of the 3 chickens her family recently acquired
** beautiful trees glistening in the evening sun
** myself walking home with a grocery bag that included toasted coconut sesame brittle ice cream (on sale!)

Today as I walked to and from work I had my camera in my hand and took a lot of photos while I was in motion. I kept the camera at waist level for most of the photos and was delighted to realize my belly button would have a great view of the world, were it not for my tendency to cover it with shirts.

Most of the photos I got today are not great and I've already deleted at least 1/3 of them, but the action of holding the camera helped me stay conscious to my walk and opened my eyes to interesting images. I am especially fond of shadows right now.

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