I knew my camera batteries were getting low and I knew wanted to use them up completely before switching over to my rechargeable ones, so I took a walk around the yard and found beautiful flowers.

I would not have categorized myself as a nature lover and in my pre-digital camera life I rarely took photos of flowers. Maybe it is the past 8 months of walking 1.5 miles to work that has changed my view of nature. I watched the trees shed their leaves in fall and watched them send out new leaves in spring. I watched flowers die and bloom anew. Every day the walk was different and every day it was beautiful...except for a couple weeks ago when it was almost 100 and I was too hot to witness beauty.

I am so grateful:
* we have screens on our windows and can open them without thinking about bugs
* I can hear neighbor kids laughing as they play outside
* I have chocolate sauce for my ice cream(!)
* the house across the street is being renovated so skillfully

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