Shadow comforts

I was introduced to the concept of Shadow Comforts by Jennifer Louden.

Some of my favorite shadow comforts are multiple episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, chocolate and reading blogs for hours at a time. Last night I dogsat for a friend whose home has historically had a well-stocked candy cupboard. As I packed for the visit I looked forward to digging through the candy to find some M&Ms, some gooey caramel and some chocolate parfait Nips. I was dismayed to open the cupboard and find none of these....instead I was greeted by jawbreakers, black licorice, coffee Nips and a giant plastic bag of Wrigley's gum which I detest.

I wasted no time driving to Dairy Queen to get a Heath blizzard and fries as a treat. Naturally this did not comfort me or make my stomach/tongue/head feel very good. The silly thing is that I returned to the candy cupboard at least two more times during the evening, thinking maybe I had just overlooked the secret stash of M&Ms. I went to bed full of empty calories and woke up groggy and with a headache. I had years of memories of spending time in this house eating candy and could not find the strength to create a new story about food choices while staying in the house. I did eat a cucumber and a mango and I had a decent breakfast, but for 24 hours my predominant thoughts were of candy and how I NEEDED MORE CHOCOLATE.

When I came back to my home this evening I was delighted to brew a cup of green tea and start to detox my thoughts and my body.

I am so grateful!
* my dogsitting engagement was for just one night
* my house is candy cupboard-free
* the dogs were well-behaved and healthy
* Sarah shared a sweet post about her oldest son
* I am realizing how much I love simplicity

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