Loving what is

I decided the best night to have Landon and Grayden spend the night would be when my housemate was on vacation...this way they could be loud and excited and explore without disturbing anyone but the cats.

They took turns opening the umbrella in the house and Grayden pretended it was a sword. They played animal charades and explored all the beverage options. Grayden needed his finger washed because he had a cut...we put antibiotic cream on it and wrapped a bandaid all the way around it. We put on coats, brought the umbrella and walked to the neighborhood market where we spent 20 minutes looking for candy to buy with our $3. We put our pajamas on, made popcorn and settled in to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. The boys have seen the movie multiple times and have very good memories of the funny/gross/weird parts. I kept hearing "Jen! This is the funny part! Watch! Watch! JEN, WATCH!"

I said:
* please be respectful of other people's property
* please get off that lawn
* please use your paper towel
* please be gentle when petting the cat
* good imagination!

I heard:
* Jen, your pajamas are so pretty
* Jen, you're the best aunt and so nice
* I love this cat!
* Oh - my feet stink!
* Grayden, close that trunk it's not ours

What is:
* Grayden's head on my shoulder
* popcorn in my teeth
* Landon's small smile at Jack Sparrow's antics
* cats under the bed

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