Loving what is

I have long appreciated Byron Katie and her idea that thoughts are what cause our suffering. I spent some time yesterday evening thinking about my current barrage of stressful thoughts and asking myself the 4 questions that are the cornerstone of The Work:

a. is it true
b. can I absolutely know that it's true
c. how do I react when I think that thought
d. who would I be without that thought

Some of the thoughts that were causing me stress were
* I shouldn't have a dry scalp....dandruff is so disgusting
* I should eat more vegetables....ice cream is not a wise food choice
* I should change jobs....I need a job that provides health insurance
* I should replace my tennis shoes....shoes say a lot about who I am

These are just a few thoughts about me and I had a long list of thoughts about what other people should be doing as well. I don't think I'm alone in thinking this way as I see a lot of stressed people in the stores, in the neighborhood, on television, in the workplace, in general. I know I was created to experience more than stressful, defeating, negative thoughts! I know that changing my thinking is going to take time and perseverance. I know that I am so Ready For A Change!

Happiness is...
** completing another art journal
** the ease of requesting and receiving a refund from Amtrak
** remembering to take my timesheet to work
** making a great salad for lunch
** anticipation of a week home alone as my housemate travels to visit family
** the ease of getting a letter certified at the local post office

Nette: I know, we do not believe in the word should (!)

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