Happiness is...

** filling out an application for health insurance that includes 12 visits to the chiropractor per calendar year
** initiating the process of getting life insurance again
** sweeping the downstairs common rooms and getting an instant lift when the dirt is off the floor and in the garbage
** making banana bread with organic bananas
** looking at pictures from the past 3 years and acknowledging I look/am more self-assured and confident now
** realizing I've changed emotionally as well as physically and it's ok (Kate wrote a good post about change)
** having a dream about forgetting to buy an airline ticket and waking up to the knowledge that I have my travelocity confirmation for my Iowa visit
** talking to Sarah on the phone :
me: Sarah! What's up?
Sarah: Yo! Yo! Yo!
** the ability to pick my housemate's cat up from the vet this week while she is in California
** acknowledging I have surprised myself by coming to love this cat over the past 8 months
** pictures of surfing and sun to counteract the cold snow we experienced yesterday

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