Happiness is...

** remembering to bring lunch to work
** Oreo cream pie
** climbing on the scale and finding a nice number
** admitting I care about the number on the scale even though I know I am not my weight
** wearing a pretty necklace
** joining the Ironweed Film Club
** the ease of uploading photos to Fred Meyer and printing them for Sarah's Spring Break Scrapbook
** organic granny smith apples
** the sound of laughter drifting across the yard from the neighborhood park
** truthfully saying "I hear your frustration and finding the solution is not my responsibility" to someone who was venting all over me

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  1. Thank you for bringing a little joy to the world... and thanks for recommending Ironweed Film Club. We are trying to grow to keep these incredible films coming, so we appreciate it very much.

    Sharon Wilson


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