Good Friday

Stay free!

Yesterday I went into Portland with my housemate and it was so nice to be in the city! We went to a big tile store, walked along the railroad tracks to shorten the distance to a tiny antique store, stopped at a bakery for coconut cake, walked through a huge storeroom full of antique furniture, ate lunch at Muddy's Coffeehouse, wandered through the Rebuilding Center, spent an hour in Powell's, found good parking in the Pearl district and bought some organic produce at Whole Foods.

Spotted in Portland:
** man wearing surprisingly bright aqua blue sweatpants
** man taking a nap in his car
** pretty ruffled curtain in the window of a warehouse building
** DO NOT DIG sign by the railroad tracks
** beautiful bouquet of red and yellow roses on the counter at the Antique Warehouse
** old orange fire hydrant
** people waiting for a bus
** an older gentleman with great hair crossing the street

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