Dear reader,

I am writing this from the local library. I am tucked into a cubby hole on the second floor. Since I sat down an hour ago I have heard a little child crying, a teenager laughing and myself coughing. The library is quiet at 1p on a Tuesday. I saw a man over in the Audio Books section and heard the reference librarian explaining how the computer worked to a new patron. I can hear the chime of instant messaging from the person using a computer in the cubby opposite me.

As I entered the library my first stop was the cart of old magazines. Some days the cart is full of Good Housekeeping and Time and I quickly leave, but today I found 2 ODE magazines much to my delight! I do not have any plans to check out books today, as I am walking around town with a laptop in my bag and my shoulders do not want to bear any additional weight. There is a kind of lightness in being at the library knowing I am not looking for books.

I can see from the thermostat on the pillar to my left that it is 70 degrees in the library. As I look out the skylight I glimpse a tiny patch of blue sky; a nice contrast to the rows of fluorescent lights overhead. It rained this morning and as I sit on my sturdy maroon chair I wonder if the benches across the street at the park have dried. I am interested in sitting outside and reading my ODE's, but I am not interested in wet pants!

I remain,
* thankful for free wireless and quiet
* wanting a Good Day To You Sir shirt
* hungry for lunch
~ Jen

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