Happiness is...

** getting a letter, a real 3 page letter! (thank you Tracy!)
** going to a local event and recognizing immediately "I do not fit here"
** honoring my feelings of discomfort and making it through the event
** packing Sarah's suitcase as she prepares to spend Spring Break at the beach
** washing clothes to pack my suitcase as I prepare to join Sarah at the beach (caregiving is so mobile!)
** a tip on a great espresso place at the beach (thank you Dad!)
** watching BBC news and finding it so much more interesting due to British accents
** watching the changing sky from my bedroom window as it begins to get dark
** finding a beach-worthy, able to get dirty, easily washable jacket at the thrift store for $1.50
** waking up to a text message from my sister saying "happy Easter"

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