Seen & Heard

Just a few things I've observed in my walks this week:
** an elderly woman in red capris, aqua shirt, lemon yellow sweater and pink sparkly slippers putting a corncob out for the squirrels (or is it the birds?)
** a large angel figurine hanging from the rear view mirror of a charter bus
** a ladybug crossing the sidewalk
** a pink deflated balloon lodged in the upper branches of a tree

2 girls playing at the park:
a. Nia! Let's pretend we're lost.
b. Ok
a. Where are you?
b. I'm in Idaho.
a. Ok! I'll come get you!

Little girl having fun and mom not so much:
girl: Mom! DId you see me climb that frog?
mom: That is not a frog, Rebecca.
girl: Yes it is.
mom: No. It's not.
girl: Yes it is.
mom: Frogs don't have tails.
girl: Yes they do.
mom: No. They don't.
girl: Oh. (
as she runs off to climb the DOG)

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