I ate lunch in the park yesterday and heard some interesting things!

A little boy is dragging his jacket on the ground:
Dad: That's not good for your jacket.
Boy: I want to do it.
Dad: If you choose to do that, you choose for daddy to take it.

Mom trying to photograph her daughter:
Mom: The sun is NOT in your eyes, it's off to the side. Look at me. Can you smile for me?

Two dogs meet each other for the first time:
Dog1: Bark! Bark!
Dog2: Woof! Woof!
Owner1: We think he's friendly...not very well behaved, but friendly.
Dog1: Bark! Bark!
Dog2: whimper whimper
Owner2: You handled that very well. You're ok!

Little boy and girl becoming friends:
Boy: I love pogo sticks!
Girl: I had a birthday and my friends are named Ollie and Taylor.

Dad who's ready to go home:
Dad: Gracie, it's time to go.
Gracie: NO!
Dad: You better take a quick ride on the swing and do what you need to do, because IT'S TIME TO GO.

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