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Sarah and baby at first sight

Sometimes when reading blogs I start to think that I know the people writing them. I create stories in my head about how fulfilling their lives are, how happy their marriages must be, how inspired and funny and great they would be to have as friends. From my own life I know that what makes it to a blog is often a tiny sliver of the real person and a mere glimpse into a life.

Because I write so often about what is bringing me happiness it might seem like I am a golden-haired Pollyanna. This is simply not the truth.

This is (some of) the truth about me right now:

* I often say "sorry" as an immediate response even if it's not my responsibility to say it
* I get crabby at myself for saying sorry so often and want to yell "Wait...I am NOT SORRY"
* I am irritated by people who need a lot of attention
* I love fresh flowers and the smelly of freshly cut grass
* I love classical music
* I love to get king size Snickers bars and cut them up into tiny slices to eat slowly
* I keep my fingernails very short
* I try to look confident and self-assured when I'm out walking alone
* I love walking with my sister and being able to fully relax and not think about what motorists or other walkers are thinking about me
* I wish I had a piano available to play whenever I wish
* I detest electronic keyboards
* I need to make a dentist appointment but keep putting it off because I dislike the dentist
* I've been flossing faithfully for the past year
* I make wonderful salads and believe when it comes to ingredients more is more
* I have lovely handwriting
* I hate walking by yards and being startled by a barking dog
* I only own one skirt and it's a little too small
* I finally watched Grey Gardens
* I do not like it when people tell me no
* I love Sue Bender's practice of wearing only black and white clothes
* I love interacting with little kids and being goofy
* I find interactions with teenagers to be mainly tedious
* I often check books out of the library and return them only partially read

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