1. Tender Flowers, 2. Tender, 3. tender nuzzle, 4. white tender flowers, 5. tender blue, 6. Tender green, 7. tender tootsies, 8. tender trio, 9. Tender heart.......

I subscribe to Notes from the Universe and this morning's note was particularly fitting for where I am today:

When you understand, fabulous, that your disappointment in another's behavior or choices always stems from their immaturity, or yours, rather than their unkindness, or yours, it becomes much harder not to keep skipping through life, giddy with joy, smelling the flowers.

Moreover, when you understand that with enough maturity on your end you can always find peace in all of your relationships, it becomes much harder not to run down the street kissing everyone you meet on both cheeks.

Kiss, kiss -
The Universe

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