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When I was in Portland yesterday I had time to stop at the Pearl Bakery for a cup of coffee and peanut butter cookie. As I looked around the bakery I saw that every table was taken, so I took a seat at an outside table. I had a good vantage point for observing and decided to take a senses inventory.

Smell: the cigarette of a woman standing a few yards down the sidewalk, french fries
Hear: a Portland Clean and Safe worker pushing a garbage can down the sidewalk, construction work bouncing off the office buildings, friends laughing, the ding of the streetcar, squeaky brakes of a FedEx truck
See: a woman walking down the sidewalk in a beautiful red coat, a beautiful black Land Rover, my fingernails with chipped black polish, a large group of friends peering into the Pearl Bakery
Touch: my colorful scarf, the cold metal of my chair
Taste: coffee
Feel: delighted to be in the hustle and bustle of Portland for a couple hours, pleased that I decided to wear my dressier coat, content

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