Peace and quiet

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Today I have the house to myself. It has been nearly three weeks since I have experienced this and it feels GREAT! I love/crave/need peace and quiet.

Upon waking I brewed a pot of coffee, prepared a delicious bowl of oatmeal and fired up the computer. I sat, basking in the quiet when I looked up and saw two women coming up the sidewalk. I felt my stomach drop and I felt irritated that I had the curtains open and the light on....allowing them to see that someone was home. With the ring of the doorbell I grumpily took the computer off my lap and walked slowly to the door. I opened it just a crack and peered into the face of a beautiful older woman.

It might be nice if I went on to say "I had a great conversation with this women whose religion I do not follow but whose determination I admire". However, the truth is I gazed into her face and firmly said "No thank you" before she could start her presentation. She and her partner turned and walked off the porch, down the sidewalk and over to the neighbor's home.

I came back to the couch, took a drink of coffee and reveled in the restoration of peace and quiet.

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