I remain,

1. ACTION MAN Storm Ready, 2. Neon oranges and yellows, 3. Neon Bubbles, 4. Neon swirl, 5. Neon Daisies, 6. Vibrant neon perspective, 7. The Orange Peel, 8. Tacky Neon Palm Tree, 9. Neon Cross in Kindersley, SK, 10. Neon warnings, 11. Neon Orange Zinnia, 12. ACTION MAN Neon Orange

** wearing a bright orange shirt
** drinking Numi mint tea
** needing to call Comcast to straighten out a funky bill
** listening to April in Paris by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
** happy a friend helped us relight the pilot light yesterday
** happy I like Stardust just as much the 2nd viewing
** surprised to learn I might be a dog person after all
** firm in my preference for big dogs over little dogs
** wondering if I will resist baked treats tomorrow while having coffee with a friend
** still eating salads....and actually enjoying them
** happy I stumbled across Writing Time today

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