Happiness is...

1. Grain Silo, 2. Victory in Iowa, 3. 100_1706, 4. Ready to Fall, 5. Winterset Silo, 6. Iowa Farmland, 7. Foggy Silo, 8. Taller Red Brick Silo, 9. The Silo, 10. Silo In The Sky, 11. drive across iowa, 12. Iowa Silos

** a voicemail from my boss saying "tomorrow is a holiday for you!"
** a confirmation that my holiday is with pay
** walking home in the cold and looking up at a cloud covered moon
** watching 2 little boys race down the sidewalk
** hearing 1 little boy say "I was running so fast my vision turned yellow!"
** hearing the other little boy reply "I know, mine turned blue!"
** watching a cat play with a leaf on the sidewalk
** seeing my friend's dog wearing one of her daughter's tshirts
** dairy free cookie avalanche ice cream
** finding encouraging comments on my
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