Happiness is...

** seeing a deep purple vw bug - so cute
** listening to my boss speak proudly about his daughters
** co-creating art with a kindergartner
** letting go of the need to color inside the lines
** staying calm and in the flow when plans change
** using a bag I forgot I owned
** reading old journals
** riding the bus at dusk- it feels cozy to ride in the dark
** rereading The Lovely Bones
** starting to think about intentions for the remainder of 2014 and the beginning of 2015

Happiness is...

** wearing bright red nail polish and how it makes my heart smile every time I catch a glimpse of my fingers
** witnessing a teenager's growth, emerging style and personality
** remembering Not Everything Requires a Response
** sometimes remembering this truth works for everyone, not just me
** listening to classical music on a grey, rainy day
** consciously and kindly breaking some very old patterns
** seeing vacation photos from my niece and nephews trip to Disney World
** hearing "you're the shit and I love you!" from someone close to me
** making an appointment for an additional coaching session this week
** receiving a red lid at the coffeeshop and how it makes my heart smile every time I take a sip of coffee

Happiness is...

** watching clouds rush across the sky
** walking to the coffeeshop while most of the neighborhood is still fast asleep - so quiet and peaceful
** flirting with the toddler sitting in front of me on the bus - that darling smile!
** remembering to pack my toothbrush and my charger for a weekend away
** wearing my cowboy boots after a summer of converse
** learning converse makes leather sneakers
** being coached for 3 days in a row by 3 different women
** receiving a stream of insights and realizations
** going out for dinner at a restaurant that was just the right amount of quirky - they had skulls and cobwebs in the dining room and I was smitten - also the food was very good and the drinks were strong
** having plans for the next 4 weekends - all things I have been longing for and all things that are ways of treasuring myself
** glimpsing the sunshine behind the clouds
** telling the truth faster

The way to joy

I don't know the way to joy but last week I was aware of a joy deficiency. I think this deficiency is evident in my body- even when I have a smile on my face.

How can I infuse my life with joy?
I don't know.

And yet-
I am aware of good things.

* the changing leaves which is evidence of the approach of Fall (my favorite)
* the wind blowing through the branches of enormously tall trees
* tiny, white butterflies and the way they dance through the air
* the ease of making plans to spend time with people I love
* opportunities to use my creativity at work
* interactions with Kindergartners that have me laughing and being silly

Life is...

** going to bed at 7p on a rainy evening
** walking out of Easter service
** processing wonder, guilt and shame around same
** remembering the simple joys of painted nails and bracelets
** signing up to volunteer 1 hour a week at an elementary school
** realizing in 3 weeks I'll be in Iowa
** cuckoo weather - sun, rain, hail, sun, rain, sun
** rushing through my days so fast it sometimes feels like I can't breathe
** going to the ocean and finding I didn't catch my breath there this time
** sadness for me who is so out of breath